There’s More to It

I grew up going to church. Seriously, I think I was probably dragged to church the first Sunday I was alive. I don’t find it ironic that I was born on a Sunday night in December. It is liked I was destined to just be interwoven with faith.

For many years, I thought that being a person of faith meant going to church on Sunday, praying (in a very repetitive way), giving to the offering, and reading my Bible. That is the extant of what I picked up about connecting to God for many years.

When I went to seminary, I met people, took classes, and read books that showed me that there were so many more ways to experience the presence of God. I have continued to dig into more ways to see God at work in my life and hear God’s voice.

I hope you will find that too. There are a thousand and one ways in which God speaks to us.

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