About Matthew

Pastoral Care,
Spiritual Direction, and Life Coaching

I have always been fascinated by faith. As a kid, I would pay close attention to the words my pastor said in church on Sundays. I was always making note of promises, guidance, and wisdom that could be found from God. Other than a few years of straying off course as a teenager, I have always been in church. I’ve spent all those years digging deeper and deeper in my faith for truth. I am still on the path and seeking answers, but we all are. That is why I chose to be a spiritual director. Helping people in their own pursuit of God is one of the greatest joys of my life.

I grew up in the United Methodist Church but changed over to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) when I started my time in seminary. I eventually became an ordained minister and have served churches as a youth minister, associate minister, and senior minister. Along the way, I have spent countless hours listening to people and helping them to find where God is at in their lives. 

I took a class for a year in seminary on centering prayer and using lectio divina. I spent my second year independently studying the mothers and fathers of the faith. Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, St. Ignatius and others were my companions that year. My third year of seminary was spent observing other spiritual practices I could pick up. I focused heavily on meditation during that year studying it from Christian and Buddhist perspectives. Since then I have picked up the practices of praying the hours, praying the daily examen, and mindfulness. Passing these beloved practices on to someone else is a wonderful thing.

When I finished seminary, I was just working a part-time job as a youth minister. I was offered a full-time job at a national non-profit that served foster care youth and former foster care youth. As a project manager, I have the good fortune of being trained in project management at Virginia Commonwealth University. This background has provided me with a lot of skills for achieving the goals I have in my life. I can help you find the goals you want to set and achieve them.

Over the years, I have spent time in spiritual direction and working with a life coach. A lot has been learned from those experiences and I am glad to pass them along to others. In the end, I’m on the path just like you and trying to figure life out. I’d be glad to take the journey along side of you. If you feel like we might be a good fit, then schedule some time to talk to me.